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Japanese Opulence

Japanese style wedding cake

Japanese Opulence
Wedding Cake

The stunning Japanese  Opulence Wedding Cake – opulent oriental styling with gold and dark colours giving it a modern, striking edge. The wedding cake has handpainted japanese wave vector pattern in gold which contrasts beautifully with the dark fondant.

The black graduating to a stone and down to a soft dove grey, keep the cake from being too ‘heavy’ and the perfectly balanced placing of the cream and blush peony style blooms lifts the design, adding elegance and colour. Pale caramel bamboo style leaves compliment where green foliage would clash.

Historically the wave pattern in Japanese culture not only symbolizes life and strength but also the belief that life, like waves, ebbs and flows – sometimes calm, sometimes rough.
A beautiful analogy for marriage.

Team with a dessert table with dark macaron picked out with gold and mini cakes adorned with smaller blooms. Would suit a boutique hotel wedding with large pale blooms and gold accents.

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