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Luxury wedding cake design


Various desserts for weddings and celebrations.

Hand Made Teacakes, with Raspberry Shortbread and Marshmallow

Persian Mini Bundt With Orange & Cardamom

Matcha & Raspberry Madeleines

Matcha & Lychee Marshmallow

Heart Shaped Rose Meringue (Photo by S6 Photography)

Champagne Jelly With Blackberries (Photo by Jess Petrie)

Peach & Pistachio Meringues (For De Beers, photo by Gooch and Gawler)

Almond meringue with preserved cherry blossom

Vanilla Meringue With Hydrangea Blossom (Photo by Jess Petrie)

Sakura Blossom Jelly

Madeleines With White Chocolate

Summer Fruit Meringue (photo Gooch and Gawler)

Valrhona Mini Bundt

Yuzu Profiteroles

Japanese Milk Jelly With Raspberry

Raspberry & Pistachio Mini Bundt

Raspberry & Pistachio Mini Bundt

Peach & Pistachio Meringue (for De Beers, Photo By Gooch and Gawler)

Blackberry Meringue

Coconut Marshmallow )Photo by Jess Petrie)

Chocolate Torte

Valrhona Mini Bundt


Victoria Made can create creative and delicious desserts for any occasion, not just weddings. From Japanese style to traditional and contemporary twists, any celebration table can be transformed into something truly spectacular.

With as much attention to flavour as the design, as always, absolutely everything is hand made in small batches with the very best ingredients. 

Please contact with your requirements, opposite are a selection of Victoria Made desserts.


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