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Sakura Blossom Cookies

Pink peppercorn butter cookie

Valrhona Cupcakes

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Canape Cupcakes

Pistachio & Raspberry Pavlova Cupcake

Berry Pavlova Cupcake

For De Beers, Photo by Gooch and Gawler

Christmas cookies

Butter Cookie Favour

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Christmas Cookies

Cherry Cupcakes

Cinamon Christmas Cupcakes

Mini Rose Cupcake

Christmas Cupcake

Cupcakes & Cookies

Cupcakes and Cookies – hand made in small batches, in all of the flavours for the larger cakes and many more. Some flavour ideas can be found here. Everything is handmade, from the real fruit fillings, salted caramels and the light as air toppings which can be traditional, Swiss meringue or Italian meringue buttercream. The cakes themselves are made with duck eggs for exceptional flavour. Decoration options are endless, from classic to gourmet, such as the pavlova which is topped with chewy meringue and real fruit compote. 

Cupcakes make great additions to a dessert table and can be decorated to fit any theme.

The cookies are a rich butter recipe, gently flavoured with natural flavours such as citrus zest, spicy ginger and almond amongst others. They bake flat and even for a smooth decorating surface so are great for wedding favours, baby showers or personalised christmas cookies.

Cupcakes for celebrations start from £3.50 each

Cookies start from £2.00 each

Minimum order of £100 outside of Brighton. Courier is available for around £120 into London, contact for other delivery quotes.

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