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Cascading Blossoms Wedding Cake

Pale blue wedding cake

Cascading Blossom
Wedding Cake

A very modern but stylish wedding cake for a wedding heavy on summer blooms and styling.

Duck egg blue with gold marbling and edible gold leaf leaves. The cake is adorned with hundreds of tiny sugar blooms cascading down the tiers – each single flower is individually handpainted a delicate shade of blue and lilac. The gold leaves add a bright element to the cake without overpowering the overall look.

More blooms could be added for a more abundant feel and colours mixed and matched, maybe add some dusky pink blossoms to add more depth.

Would look great teamed with large hydrangea heads and foliage. Add to the look with a dessert table of duck egg blue and gold leaf macaron and meringues or even mini versions of the larger cake.

Modern and sophisticated.

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