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Since I took my first cupcake photo on the kitchen table at home 7 years ago, the photography and styling side of things is something I’ve really enjoyed. Food especially appeals – not only as actually making the stuff (I made plates of actual food rather than just cakes at one point) and making it look as good as it can has made up most of my working life, but also I have to admit shooting things that don’t move, in a controlled environment is definitely my preferred choice! Obviously having a little bit of ‘creative’ in me, the potential to produce something pleasing to the eye is a little like crack…

Out of necessity really I’ve had to learn to get a half decent shot, giving me a lot more freedom with my website, with varying success but getting better hopefully! Most of the cake photographs apart from the REALLY good ones with the individual photographer credits, are by myself. I’m also able to engage with photos on social media etc – I can ‘make then shoot’ in a relatively short space of time without relying on filtered Instagram shots for everything.

I’ve worked with or had cakes shot by some amazing photographers over the past few years,  (S6 Photography/Tracey Welch/Sarah Gawler/Jess Petrie/Tom Smith) and been in awe at the results so it’s a side of things I’ve been very keen to learn a lot more about. I’ll be the first to say I am a long way off calling myself a photographer of any kind at all, but am slowly getting to grips with the basics, and possibly more importantly, I just love doing it. I would love to be able to turn it into something that (hopefully) I can do in the future in a more formal capacity.

I made a small step in buying a good camera (Canon 5D mark II – I literally worship it as a god) last year, now I just need to know what to do with it…

For the time being I will continue to tinker away myself but if anyone has any little food based voluntary projects I can practice on please do get in touch, I would love the experience!

You can see some of my newer photos here – Flickr – Food Photography


Any feedback of course is welcomed!