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Abu Dhabi Royal Wedding


*Update - I'm happy to say that the wedding was a great success and this year I was asked back by the Sheikha to provide some cakes for another event at the palace. This time I stayed at the wonderful Shangri-La in Abu Dhabi.*

I was recently commissioned to create a cakes for a Royal Wedding in Abu Dhabi for the Sheikha who had seen two wedding cakes from my website that fit with the oriental styling of the wedding day. I got the call four weeks before the actual event so it was a massive task getting everything organised. On arrival our workplace was the Royal Meridien Hotel where we met and worked with some lovely staff in the kitchens.

The wedding was at the palace which has to be one of the most stunning places I have ever seen, and the whole event looked staggeringly beautiful.

The production, catering and floral design was out of this world and of epic proportions. The palpable feel of the culture and tradition was breathtaking and I am humbled to have been asked to be involved with such an amazing event. Naturally photos were limited due to security/privacy but below are a few of the cake and 200, yes, 200 iced mini cakes…

The larger wedding cake was a 9 tier with oriental styling with the mini cakes finished with gold and sugar magnolia style flowers.

All in all after being initially terrified the whole experience was fantastic and opened my eyes to the fact that working beyond Europe is not such as task if everything is organised well. Hopefully this cake will not be my last wedding adventure overseas…

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