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Belladonna Wedding Cake

Black wedding cake

Wedding Cake

A huge statement in the shape of a black wedding cake. Jet black fondant accented by beading and textured icing. The large floral pieces take this cake well away from ‘gothic’ and into any wedding with an opulent feel. The matt feel of the Carma Massa fondant keeps the colour understated and not shiny or ‘plastic-y’.

I tend away from very stylised flowers and have tried to create a sugar bouquet with very realistic blooms. Roses, hydrangea blossoms have depth added by adding tinges of brown to indicate the flowers approaching the end of summer. The shiny black nightshade, or belladonna berries add interest and set the blooms off against the black fondant. The single pure white flower was ‘borrowed’ from an old master trick of adding one small element that stands out, drawing the eye like a dash of light.

The initial inspiration came from the stunning floral displays at the gala dinner for the Alexander Mcqueen  Savage Beauty exhibition at the V and A from floral designer Flora Starky.

Without question this cake needs a large room…
Teamed with a complimenting dessert table and blooms the effect will have your guests talking for some time
to come.

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