weddig trends 2015..?

Wedding Trends 2015..?




Wedding Trends 2015.?

My biggest trend of 2015 is that there should be no trends. Ever. And a bit like Neo’s trip to the Oracle – once you realise there is no spoon you can do anything…

A trend should be a shift driven by changing tastes, but all to often it’s used to drive you into someone elses idea of what sort of wedding you should be planning. This is not the same thing.

“The biggest trend of two thousand and whatever, is large green wedding cakes” said the Large Green Wedding Cake Company yesterday.

You get the idea.

It’s great to have a source for ideas especially if you have no clue where to start, but things can get a little, well, samey – when even ‘alternative’ starts to look like a uniform it’s time to have a step back.

I understand why mainstream is so inviting – it’s tried and tested. However, mainstream is as mainstream does – easily replicated/replaced and ultimately forgettable. As a supplier, if it’s longevity you are after, this is not the way to go. It serves neither you, the industry or the client well.

I do think it’s getting better, a lot better. Even since I started in the industry (and I’m a relative newbie) it does seem that there is a lot more room for diversity and in turn the wedding world does seem to be evolving at a pace not seen for some time. The thirst for new ideas is a godsend for those prepared to stick their necks out a little and choose originality and creativity over ‘safe’.

The ‘vintage’ movement is a good example. Making very modern wedding cakes when it was ALL about vintage was I admit at times quite frustrating, while I think vintage can be done beautifully it was turned into such a bandwagon that all the attractiveness was sucked out, rendering it somewhat eyeroll-y. The same with the other big ‘trends’ (mason jars/sodding ‘taches on a stick etc etc) once they’ve been around for a year and been in every mag/blog in existence it’s already dipping its toe in the naff bath.

Of course you can’t go down this sort of blog post without mentioning the press. While it has got better, at one point if you put your hand over the title on the cover of a wedding magazine you could barely pick between them. Bride, check, dress, check – pink… check. I realise a lot of sponsorship is involved re the front cover, and with massive competition for readership it can be risky to rock the boat too much – but it does make one wonder if maybe, one day, a cake or a ring or a venue will ever grace the top spot. You know, something different. Will more niche publications emerge and come into their own or will the big hitters shift with the times? It’s apparent some are embracing this and I don’t think a bit of competition is ever a bad thing.

With massive competition for readership it can be a little risky to tread a different path but I honestly think that it would be appreciated a lot more than you think. Especially at the top end, consumers are a lot more design savvy, and always on the lookout for the exclusive – no-one want’s to belong to the mainstream or the ‘masstige’ category. (Masstige is my word of the year by the way, it is glorious)

I think the last few years has seen a massive attack on the traditional (God, I LOVE Vera Wang right now…).  It’s one of those inevitable, unstoppable things that what will further open the floodgates to the original and the maverick, whether consumer or supplier.

Now things can get really interesting….

prawnCocktail No. 1429274727_f_VeraWang_Spring2016_Look14 Hell yes. (Vera Wang 2016 bridal collection)

On a personal cake oriented foot note.

I do think the traditional cake cutting needs to evolve a little. I see the cake as a creative piece, an artistic statement, an expression of your tastes for you and your guests to appreciate – not just a token and slightly tired photo opp.

A great cake or dessert table draws the eye, draws conversation (maybe draws a few gasps), adds something tangible to your day, décor and venue and above all, is remembered.

And for the love of god don’t ask me for a cupcake tower.