Flavours and Ingredients

Victoria Made is happy to hold the highest Food Standards Agency rating of 5.

Scroll further down for specific flavours and further baking and covering information.

I use high quality ingredients, from Valrhona chocolate, good quality vanilla pods, cow and goats butter, to duck eggs rather than chicken for exceptional flavour. I hand make everything apart from the fondant covering, from the fruit compote fillings to the buttery citrus curds. I use Carma Massa fondant, which is excellent quality and performs well in terms of covering and taste.


Following are a selection of my most popular flavours but I can make to request if there is something you have in mind.

Vanilla sponge with blackcurrant and Cassis filling and vanilla buttercream.

Delicate lavender sponge with lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream.

Almond sponge with blackberry compote filling and vanilla buttercream.

Classic vanilla sponge with a raspberry compote filling and vanilla buttercream.

Lemon sponge with lemon curd filling and vanilla buttercream.

Lemon and lime sponge and curd with chocolate ganache filling.

Orange and cardamon sponge with orange curd and vanilla buttercream.

Vanilla sponge with rasberry/Framboise compote filling and a delicate vanilla rose buttercream.

Coconut sponge with lime curd and vanilla/coconut buttercream.

Delicate coffee sponge with dark chocolate ganache filling and light coffee and vanilla buttercream.

Very rich and moist can stand alone or with a buttercream filling.

Rich fruit cake with Chase Distillery Marmalade Vodka. A lighter version is also available upon request.

This can be any combinations of coconut, pecan, apricot, cranberry, walnut, orange and walnut.

Making Cakes

Covering the cake

Unless otherwise requested I use a ganache made with Valrhona chocolate (instead of buttercream/marzipan) under the fondant for a firmer finish, especially in warmer weather and traditional marzipan for the fruit cakes. Buttercream layers can be traditional recipe, Italian or Swiss meringue. Whipped white or dark ganache is also an alternative for filling the cake.

My baking

It’s important to me that I avoid artificial products in my diet and I uphold this philosophy in my baking for you. I do use a certain amount of additives such as good quality edible colours, however these are generally used on decorative parts of the cake only.


Allergy and intolerance

All information required by law is available so please do ask if you have any questions regarding ingredients.